Water Painting Workshop at Srinath University

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, August 6: The Fine Arts Department of Srinath University in Adityapur organized a workshop on watercolor painting with the theme “Landscape and Still Life”. A senior fine arts teacher at the Tagore School of Music and Fine Arts of the Tagore Society led the workshop. He interacted with the students and explained to them the techniques of watercolor painting.

Fine Arts students under the guidance and supervision of Anup Sinha learned the finer aspects of using various shades, tints and techniques in painting landscapes and still lifes in watercolor. “Fine arts is a creative and unique course and Srinath University is the only university in Jharkhand that promotes fine arts to such a level that it will surely reach people. are not limited to painting but have a reach in film, multimedia, jewelry design and domain industries”, Anup Sinha.

Assistant Professor Nalien Chandra of the School of Fine Arts observed: “Fine arts reflect the creative skills of students. Workshops like this should be held on a regular basis so that students can gain practical knowledge and a deep understanding of painting from the works of renowned artists. The fine arts have paved the way for employment opportunities in today’s creative and innovative era. »

The head of the fine arts department, Ganesh Mahato, said, “Such workshops will definitely improve the knowledge and skills of the students.”

The workshop ended with an interactive session where Anup Sinha answered questions from the participating students.