Workshop Simulator adds new colors and quality of life changes in patch 1.20

Workshop simulator is a first-person game in which you try to restore old items from your family farm. You can clean, paint and disassemble all the objects you can find to make them look like new.

Recently, the developers released patch 1.20 which provided lots of quality of life changes aimed at improving the gaming experience. First of all, new colors were added, giving you a total of 72 vivid colors among which Choose. This is quite a significant increase from the nine colors of the time.

Small and medium size brushes have also been added. The small brush is best used for finer details, while the medium size brush is suitable for most painting tasks. Those new to the game should always press and hold the Alt key to paint.

Because you will be painting more in this update, new mouse sensitivity options have also been included in patch 1.20. They are practical and welcome, especially when painting intricate details on an antique vase, for example.

Patch Notes


  • Added more colors, expanding your choice from 9 to 72 vibrant colors

  • Added small and medium size brushes. Be more creative with painting; the small brush allows you to paint in detail

  • Fixed the Hints bar not displaying correctly on some workbenches

  • Fixed visible tools when selecting item part

  • Fixed radio: now turns on and off correctly

  • Added: skip to next and previous song

  • Added: selection of tracks to play (from the Options menu)

  • Fixed lag that sometimes occurred at the start of the next song

  • Fixed transitioning to a new day by changing the currently playing song

  • Deleted parts counter on main workbench when disassembling or assembling an item

  • Improved music volume drop outside of workshop area (no more suddenly hitting “a wall of sound”)


  • Added new mouse sensitivity options

  • Added options: item rotation sensitivity (decide how fast items rotate)

  • Added options: option to enable or disable head swing

  • Added options: option to enable or disable motion blur

  • Fixed “Dialogue Volume” slider now working correctly in cutscenes

  • Removed “UI Volume” slider (irrelevant)

  • Fixed entering the options menu by changing the currently playing song

So what can you say about the quality of life changes added in this update?

Workshop simulator Update 1.20 is available on PC.