Youth engagement program to help police

A YOUTH engagement program in the once infamous Gordon Market area has been of great assistance to law enforcement, said Inspector Robert Wane, Commander of Gordon Police Station.

Inspector Wane praised the youth, who are volunteers who took the initiative after seeing the place gain a bad reputation for petty crimes.

“I need them to be part of us because they have helped us a lot by taking care of the market, the bus stops and the shopping areas. We cannot be everywhere to watch the criminals, but these young people have helped us a lot, ”said Inspector Wane.

He said that every day two to three petty criminals are brought to the station by young people, which has not been seen in the area in the past.

He said the young people not only monitor and protect against petty crime, but also monitor and control PMV buses to make sure traffic moves through the busy area, and also do general cleanings.

“We guide them on the general police, in the rain and in the dark, they hardly complain and you see them working really hard,” Inspector Wane said.

“I can tell you with confidence that crime has decreased and people can roam freely as before. “

He said police want the partnership to continue next year and into the future. He also thanked the National Capital District Commission for funding the program and supporting the youth on a monthly basis.