Youth Voting Organization, Voters of Tomorrow, Endorses Josh Shapiro – theporteronline

HARRISBURG — Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonprofit that engages and represents young people in politics, announced its support for Attorney General Josh Shapiro for Governor of Pennsylvania and State Representative Austin Davis for the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

“I am honored to be supported by the Voters of Tomorrow – and I am inspired by the young people who have stepped away from the sidelines and are participating in our democracy to make our country a better place,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. . “Whether it’s bringing predatory student loan companies to justice, getting their money back for hard-working people, fighting to protect the freedoms and constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians, I’ve always fought for young people are represented and protected – and I will continue this fight as governor. . Together, we will work to build a brighter future for Pennsylvania – a future where every young person has the opportunity to thrive in our Commonwealth.

“For years, Americans have watched Attorney General Josh Shapiro fight big and win,” said Voters of Tomorrow executive director Santiago Mayer. “Whether it’s holding the Catholic Church accountable or protecting Pennsylvania voters from Donald Trump’s attempts to nullify an election, Josh has always shown that he’s not only brave enough to take on big fights, but bold enough to win them. With the far-right war on young Americans, Gen Z needs leaders who will stand up for their rights. Attorney General Shapiro and Rep. Davis have proven time and time again that they will do anything who is in their power to support reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights, secure funding for public education, and protect the fundamental right to vote. Tomorrow’s voters are proud to support them in their campaign to become the next governor and lieutenant governor. of Pennsylvania.”

“This year, when Gen Z turnout could be the deciding factor in the election, it’s more important than ever that young people show up and vote for candidates like Attorney General Shapiro and Rep. Davis. The future of our democracy, our planet and many of our rights are all on the ballot. Tomorrow’s voters are confident that Attorney General Shapiro and Rep. Davis will meet the basic needs of Gen Z and empower young people as governor and lieutenant governor.