Yuma Organization Receives Second Grant from Southwest Gas

Yuma Multiversity Campus Corporation Received Grant from Southwest Gas for Access to Higher Education

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Yuma Multiversity Campus Corporation (YMVC) has received a second grant from Southwest Gas for its plan to support Yuma’s higher education access and outcomes.

This grant will help fund YMVC’s Phase 3 implementation of its plan which will be presented to the public in a series of public commitments to be presented early next year, YVMC said.

The organization wants to help the Yuma community have better access to higher education, which can help Yuma increase its earning potential, reduce unemployment and underemployment, increase its sustainability, and have a prosperous population. .

When higher education outcomes increase, it will help attract new primary employers to the Yuma region.

The YMVC program also works with stakeholders in areas such as Imperial County, California, Baja Norte and Northern Sonora, Mexico.

“Greater Phoenix’s success in attracting new employers provides the Yuma region with an opportunity to attract other employers to support supply chains,” noted YVMC President and CEO Jim Schuessler. . “From San Luis to Yuma, we offer an excellent opportunity for existing and potential new employers due to our growth, youth and potential sites for industrial development. Together with the AWC, ASU, NAU and AU, we seek to catalyze additional resources for better education outcomes so that the Greater Yuma Region can fully participate in the initiative to the new economy.